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The International In-house Counsel Journal is concerned with the exchange of ideas of In-house Counsel representing commercial organisations from all sectors and jurisdictions around the world. Each quarterly issue contains papers based on case study experience of In-house Counsel in the main disciplines of commercial law from different jurisdictions.

Content is overseen by the IICJ Editorial Board that meets 4 times a year to discuss content and determine which papers are accepted for publication. The board is drawn from a range of industry sectors and jurisdiction with considerable international knowledge.

A peer reviewed journal published electronically 12 times a year and in print form 4 times a year, delivering papers written by In-house Counsel covering the major areas of law:

Antitrust/Competition Commercial Litigation Contracts Corporate Governance Data Protection Employment Health and Safety Intellectual Property Management Taxation

From the following key business sectors:

Banking and Finance Energy Healthcare IT Industry Insurance Pharmaceutical Telecommunications

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International Personal Data Transfers after Schrems II

Leszek Sytniewski, In-house Legal Counsel, Objectivity Ltd., Poland
Freedom to Operate Conundrum

Madelein Kleyn, CEO Mad K IP Consulting, Mad K IP Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
How to Save a Deal: Trends in Negotiating M&A Deal Financials in a World Ever More Full of Uncertainty

Christopher Pierson, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus, France
How to Save a Deal: Trends in Negotiating M&A Deal Financials in a World Ever More Full of Uncertainty

Camelia Gardot, Senior Compliance Manager, Airbus, France
2020: In-House (and House) Turned Upside Down

Viviane Bordin Vielliard , Independent Legal Consultant , PostNL , Netherlands
2020: In-House (and House) Turned Upside Down

Nicolas Vielliard, Senior Counsel , Shawcor , Netherlands
Covid-19 - Trends and Impact on Labor Market

Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics International Tecnologia , Brazil
Give us a Break – Stop Legislating

Isabel Charraz , Country Counsel Portugal and Greece, Citibank Europe Plc , Portugal
Doing More with Less: Structuring Legal Knowledge to Transform Your Legal Department

Erik Smetana, Political Compliance Specialist, Koch Companies Public Sector LLC, USA
Financial Interest Insurance: An Important Companion for Global Business

Elliott Foster, Managing Counsel, Travelers Insurance, USA
Give us a Break – Stop Legislating

Pedro Carita, International Private Banker, ABANCA, Portugal
Nobody Does an M&A Deal Hoping to File a Large Representation & Warranty Insurance Claim: Advantages and Pitfalls of Representation & Warranty Insurance

Sarah Schwartz, Senior Legal Counsel, Mergers and Acquisitions, Amadeus, Spain
Give us a Break – Stop Legislating

Tiago Moreira, Partner, Vieira de Almeida & Associados, SP R.L. , Portugal
EU Merger Control Procedure – A Brief Overview

Thomas Wiese, Case Handler, Directorate-General of Competition of the European Commission, Unit C-5 Mergers, Belgium
A Typical Day When the Regulator comes Knocking on your Door

Catherine Leung, Senior Associate, Yang Chan & Jamison LLP (member firm of Deloitte Legal), Hong Kong
Doing More with Less: Structuring Legal Knowledge to Transform Your Legal Department

Martin Kwedar, Senior Counsel and de facto General Counsel to i360, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC, USA
A Typical Day When the Regulator comes Knocking on your Door

Valarie Fung, Partner, Yang Chan & Jamison LLP (member firm of Deloitte Legal), Hong Kong

Readers' Opinion

Through this subscription, I could keep abreast with the progress and development of other regional laws.
Angeline Yee Yi Wei
Vice President
Maybank, Malaysia
The International In-House Counsel Journal provides an excellent forum for examining many of the critical IP issues that face global businesses today.
David Koris
General Counsel/Head IP
Shell International B.V., Netherlands
The IICJ brings relevant legal input and information to any internationally active lawyer. It helps bridging conflicting solutions and to manoevre within the relative uncertainties that international law brings.
Martin Strnad
Head Legal Global Corporate
Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland
The IICJ is excellent resource for the in-house practitioner. The articles are always practical and germane to the issues that most general counsels face daily.
Bryan Yeazel
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (Former GC)
Stock Building Supply Holdings, Inc., USA
Simply professional, by professionals
Peter Bergson
General Counsel
Fingerprints, Sweden
My subscription to IICJ provided me with access to critical thinking by some of the worlds must brilliant attorneys.
Hyattye Simmons
General Counsel
DFW Asian American Citzens Council, USA
The IICJ is one of the most current and comprehensive journals I haver ever read, as it is not limited to pure theoretical papers written by academics. Practitioners can benefit a lot by reading interesting practical papers.
Andreas Koutoupis
Director, Head of Governance, Risk & Internal Audit Services
Mazars Certified Auditors, Athens-Greece, Greece
The IICJ is a great journal not only for academics but for professional and day to day practitioners.
Nikolaos Dounis
Cluster Internal Control & Compliance Manager
Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, Greece
I have been reading the various article to keep myself updated on trends and developments.
Anne Wilkes
Independent data protection consultant
ACW Privacy Consulting, UK