Bills of Lading Forum Clauses and International Conventions: Is there a Fundamental Flaw?

Petar Kragić, Legal counsel , Tankerska Plovidba dd, Croatia

The last century had witnessed a number of efforts to harmonise the rules on carriage by sea through international conventions, which have continued in this century. These conventions are Hague Rules 1924, Visby Rules 1968, Hamburg Rules 1978, Hague/Visby SDR 1979, Multimodal Convention 1980 and Rotterdam Rules 2008. Unfortunately none of these conventions gained monopoly, and some of them coexist in practice, sometimes conflating with each other, thus adding ambiguity and uncertainty to the resolution of disputes in every-day life.

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Croatia Contract Shipping March 2020 Vol.13, No. 50, Winter 2020

Petar Kragić


Petar Kragić has got MA and PhD in maritime law. He is author of a legal textbook Tanker Charteparties and a number of articles on maritime law topics. He is speaker at maritime conferences. He is titular member of CMI and former chairman of the Croatian Maritime Law Association. He was a member of CMI drafting committee for Rotterdam Rules and a member of the Croatian delegation to UNCITRAL including to Working Group on Judicial sale of Ships. He is former chairman of the legal committee of Croatian Chamber of Shipping. For a number of years he was director of a UK P&I Club and SiGCo and has been a member of the drafting committee for Croatian maritime law. Mr. Kragic was working for Tankerska Plovidba d.d., Croatian largest ship owning company in which for a number of years he headed the Legal & Insurance Department and later was its legal advisor.

Tankerska Plovidba dd


Tankerska Plovidba d.d. is a shipping company established in 1955. It operates a fleet of tankers and bulk carriers.

Croatia Contract Shipping March 2020 Vol.13, No. 50, Winter 2020

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