Consumer Empowerment in The Internet of Things: A Silent Unfolding of a 'New Normal' Where Code Trumps Rights?

Hanne Melin, Director Global Public Policy, eBay Inc., Sweden

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already here, estimated to encompass just short of 30 billion connected devices by 2020. These devices are made up of a physical object; embedded processing, actuators, sensors; and connectivity. As processing gets cheaper and data communication pervasive, almost any device could be as powerful as the most powerful computer. This is transforming the product into a conduit to services with value shifting from the product to the services the product represents. It is a shift towards an “Everything-as-a-Service” world, where products are not only service avatars but treated as upgradeable computers. These developments rewire the commerce value chain into intricate ecosystems with multiple stakeholders where power can be asserted through power over standards, technology, networks and code.

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Sweden Regulation IT January 2015 Vol. 8, No. 30, Winter 2015

Hanne Melin


Hanne Melin is Director Global Public Policy at eBay Inc. This article builds on work the author carries out for the eBay Inc. Public Policy Lab but the views expressed should not be attributed to eBay Inc. and all mistakes are those of the author. The a

eBay Inc.


eBay Inc. is a global technology company that enables commerce by providing online platforms, tools and services to help individuals and small, medium and large merchants around the globe engage in online and mobile commerce and payments. Three reportable

Sweden Regulation IT January 2015 Vol. 8, No. 30, Winter 2015

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