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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Technology and the Legal Profession—Perspective of an Asian Chief Legal Officer
James Lau, Chief Legal Officer, NatSteel Holdings Pte. Ltd., A TATA Enterprise, Singapore
Dealing with Legal Grey Areas (and Selective Enforcement) in China
Brian (Zhou) Chen, General Counsel Greater China, KONE Corporation
Brian Belanger, V.P. & Senior Corporate Counsel, Asia Pacific Region, Husqvarna AB Group of Companies, Sweden
FUELING ORGANIC GROWTH: Business Expansion and Talent Acquisition
Jo Anne Schwendinger, Regional General Counsel APAC & Sub-Saharan Africa, Deere & Company, Singapore
How Legal Departments can Strategically Contribute to Corporate Success
Christian Haitz, Senior Group Counsel, HERITAGE B, Switzerland
Implications of Counterfeiting and Piracy for European Competitiveness, Innovation, Economic Growth and Job Losses
Richard Heath, General Trade Mark Counsel, Unilever, UK
Liability Issues in Advanced Robotics: An Introduction for European In-House Counsels
Corrado Druetta, Legal Counsel, Comau S.p.A., Italy
The Challenges In-House Lawyers Face Today
Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics Internartional Tecnologia , Brazil
The Impact of Organizational Culture in M&A Deal
Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics International Tecnologia , Brazil
To Shoot or not to Shoot:How to Navigate Buy-Sell Deadlock Resolution Mechanisms for Joint-Ventures
Camelia Gardot, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus, France
Transparency Obligations of Listed Companies According to Greek Law
Effie Meridou, Head of Legal, SATO SA, Greece